Our Journey to Bring Our Son Home . . .

May 17, 2009

Let me first address the obvious. After receiving an email from our agency on Friday, I feel that the fears stemming from the Swine Flu will slow down travel to China. To say we are frustrated and disappointed is beyond an understatement at this point. However, I also understand the concern for children with health conditions. I pray this will not be the case, and we will have travel approval in two weeks. After a good cry today, I’ve decided to shift gears a bit during this difficult period of waiting. Russ and I plan to deliver medical supplies to New Day when we travel. Several people have asked how they can help or what we need for Brett. Our deepest desire at this point is to help support New Day. This is Brett’s home and Brett’s family. Please prayfully consider helping us collect the following items:

Liquilytes Powder Mix
Aerochambers with Pediatric mask
Povidone Iodine
Children’s Fluoride Rinse
Atrovent Nebulizers
Cefaclor Suspension
Zithromax Suspension
Aquaplast Splinting Material
Dr Smith's Diaper Ointment
3cc oral syringes
Pulmicort nebulizers
Infant liquid vitamins with iron
Tussin CF
Antibiotic ear drops for kids
Antibiotic eye drops for kids

When donating medicine, please check the expiration date, so that New Day can get one year of use out of it.

On another note, we met with an intern traveling for the third time to New Day. It was so wonderful to hear Jovanna speak of the love shown to Brett and the other children. We are so grateful for Jovanna and the many other volunteers who give so much of themselves for these children.

Finally, we hope all Moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I was spoiled with flowers and a Mother’s Day Tea Party at Abigail’s school.


May 2, 2009

Just to make you Smile . . .

After worrying all week that the Swine Flu and its effects would cause China to delay travel approvals, God found yet another way to put things in perspective. My sister sent me flowers with a card attached simply stating, "To make you smile!." I must admit I thought the flower delivery boy was at the wrong house (not to imply anything about my husband.). Thank you Aunt Jen for always making me smile and knowing when I need a pick-me-up!

Then, Abigail hosted her first real sleep over and invited her neighborhood friend. There is nothing like two giggling girls at 11pm to make you reevaluate how blessed you truly are.

Next, we received the cutest outfit for Brett from dear friends from Abigail's travel group. Thank you Bailey family. I never thought I'd enjoy receiving boy clothes as much as girl clothes!

Finally, I ran across this video sent to me by one of our pastors. Although we know Brett will have many obstacles in life, he will be blessed with friends and family who will always see him as complete.