Our Journey to Bring Our Son Home . . .

February 28, 2009

Aunt Jen, I think Brett is ready for Wisconsin! Today, we received an update on Brett. I think I used up half of a box of tissues trying to read the one paragraph description.
Update from New Day:

Dear Friends,
We hope this note finds you doing well, and that you enjoy reading this month's update.
Brett is 2 Years 10 Months Old.
Brett's nanny wrote this update:
Although Brett has only one leg, he desires to do the same activities other children enjoy. When the others jump and run in circles, he sits and moves himself in a circle on the floor. When the children all line up, Brett moves into position in the line and also holds to the one in front of him. Brett and Luke have been the best of friends and he has always been very protective of him. He was very sad to hear that his good friend, Luke, was leaving to go to the states. On the day that Luke’s parents arrived, Brett seemed very sad, both because Luke would leave soon and because he wanted his own mom and dad to come for him. But, the same day that Luke’s parents arrived, Brett received a package in the mail from his family! It was just what he needed to feel special and loved. Now that Luke has left, Brett has missed him. But, he was quite excited to receive the family photo of Luke and his new family after arriving in the states. He enjoys looking at it every day!

Needless to say, I wanted to jump on an airplane and yell, "Mommy's coming!" Unfortunately, we are still waiting on China. The next step is receiving our LOA (Letter of Acceptance), then TA (travel approval), probably around May. Until then, we are sending prayers and care packages. He is also being spoiled by his wonderful sponsors!

p.s. New Day has updated their web site, including a "blog" link on the right side of the site. You can see photos of Brett passing our the Valentines we sent for all the kids!